Earnest performers, yet with a waggish sense of humor, Slumgum weaves standards and original compositions into an evening of fun, unpredictable improvisation. With each performance, they bring a spontaneity that takes the audience through exciting yet accessible sonic territories. A quartet of sax, bass, piano, and drums, Slumgum was formed in 2006 when its members met at California Institute of the Arts. Since then, their innovative spirit has developed into a distinct voice as a band.

Jon Armstrong, Sax

Rory Cowal, Piano

David Tranchina, Bass

Trevor Anderies, Drums

Dirty Squid

Dirty Squid is a unique blend of divergent compositions and striking vibrant improvisations that have kept audiences captivated by their live shows. Their unique instrumentation and high level group improv has set them apart.

Stephanie Richards, Trumpet

Brian Walsh, Bass Clarinet, Barry Sax

Ian Carroll, Trombone

David Tranchina, Bass

Qasim Naqvi, Drums


Tears of the Moosechaser

Blanton Ross – lead vocals, composition, lyrics
Antony DiGennaro – composition, guitars, prepared instruments, vocals
Igor Korvolych – mandolin, mandocello
David Tranchina – bass
Ulrich Krieger – bass clarinet
Chris Stewart – violin, vocals
James Barry – cello
Daniel Corral – accordion
Gabriel Deutsch – banjitar
Paul Fuller – banjo

Timur and the Dime Museum

Daniel Corral, accordian
Brian Walsh, clarinet
Chris Votek, cello
Matt Setzer, guitar
Cassia Streb, viola
Andrew Lessman, drums
Sandra Powers, art director

Brandon Sherman

The Band @ Calarts circa 2008-ish?

Brandon Sherman (Trumpet), Brian Walsh (Clarinet/ Sax), Rory Cowal (Piano), Trevor Anderies (Drums)



Hanna Rifkin

The Botticellis

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